We promote and distribute a range of international lifestyle brands, as well as an
international art advisory and consulting company specialising in
large-scale projects (hospitality, office, and residential projects).


We offer a one-stop artwork sourcing service for office projects. Keeping both aesthetics and costs in mind, we create art programs tailored to the needs of our client to enhance wellbeing at their workplace.

We curates and commissiones art for a wide range of projects from hotels and restaurants to corporate and residential projects throughout the world. We have access to a unique network of galleries, artists and craftspeople to create special art programs to meet any design specification. At each step of the production we provide a description of both the materials used to create the work and the way in which they were put together.



We create art programmes that are tailored to the needs of interior designers and property developers. Over the years, we have built an unprecedented network of factories, galleries, artisans and designers, mastering the whole chain process from conceptualisation to creation to realisation. From limited edition works to cost-effective prints, we introduce the artist’s works to our client to their expectation.

With an approach that is both proactive and responsive, we aim to provide prompt and inspirational proposals for our clients. Our constant, overriding concern is to meet and exceed expectations in terms of design, budget, and lead-time.

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