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Villepin International was founded in 2008 by Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France.
It is a Paris-based consulting company with offices in London and Hong Kong,
mainly focusing on long-term projects implemented globally.

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Villepin International provides strategic advisory services to develop a balanced and sustainable approach of making business and cross-border investments. In recent years, Villepin International has been assisting investors and companies in their process of internationalization and has been particularly active within countries of Eastern and Central Asia, Middle-East, Europe and Africa.

Villepin International aims to craft tailor-made solutions to meet and anticipate current and future challenges. The method is based on the long term and forward-looking strategies. Given the sustained pace of constant global change, it combines economic insight with geopolitical expertise to mobilise the appropriate private parties and public-sector bodies on large-scale projects.