The Art de Vivre Group is committed to making the concept of the art of living accessible to everyone.

For all the benefits globalisation brings to our everyday life, such as the fusion of cultures and the abundance of goods and services, there are various ways in which it can also detract from our quality of life. The Art de Vivre Group is actively involved in this movement to raise consciousness. As a pioneer in this kind of social change, the Art de Vivre Group pledges to try to make the world a better place and restore us to our true selves through its brands that spanning a variety of different aspects of our lives.



Arthur de Villepin is the Founder and CEO of the Art de Vivre Group.

The son of former French Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, Arthur de Villepin was born in the United States and spent his childhood in India, with his father being posted to the French embassy in each country. His mother is the celebrated sculptor, Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin, and it is therefore not surprising that Arthur was instilled with a genuine love of art.

Returning to France at the age of ten, Arthur completed his education in France and graduated with a degree in International Relations in the United Kingdom. Arthur de Villepin had the unusual experience of experiencing France as an outsider before actually living there, which played a role in shaping his views on French culture and life in general.

A staunch believer in the art of life and at one with his own thoughts Arthur has embarked on a journey to advocate for and propagate art in everyday life.

The Art de Vivre Group pledges to make a real difference in people’s everyday lives by propating the concept of the art of living, “l’art de vivre” with a certain French flair.
— Arthur De Villepin
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