With offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the Art de Vivre Group is the vehicle through which Founder and CEO Arthur de Villepin introduces art into everyday life, fervently believing that the best elements of French culture and tradition can transcend borders and adapt to new horizons, for the pursuit of art and pleasure is an important, unifying factor for the whole of humanity.





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  • The Commercial branch covers sectors in wine and spirits, gastronomy, art, lifestyle and design/production. The Art de Vivre Group synthesises its constituent enterprises to create a single unit that is more than the sum of its parts. The Art de Vivre Group is a unique journey through art with the aim to cultivate and educate, enjoy and celebrate.

  • The Investment branch actively seeks companies with substantial potential and sustainable competiveness in order to deliver high returns for clients over the long term.

  • Villepin International, the consulting branch created in 2008, provides strategic advisory services to develop a balanced and sustainable approach to developing business and making cross-border investments.



The Art de Vivre Group does not seek to create material items, but instead focuses on building enduring memories. Without falling into the trap of consumerist lifestyle, the Art de Vivre Group focuses on pure quality to restore the best of the values of the past to modern lifestyles.

Drawing upon expertise an talent from different cultural backgrounds, the Art de Vivre Group aims for nothing less than to redefine the concept of luxury in Asia, one which is not determined by price tags, but genuine quality, indelible memories and heartfelt emotions. The art of living, as the Art de Vivre Group firmly believes, is about enjoying life, living it to the fullest and taking it to the next level, turning apparently routine items and experiences into something truly exceptional.

We are pleased, to share in each and every moment that creates experience and emotions, through the finest things in life.