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Pont des Arts is an exclusive, limited collection of fine wines and spirits.
Pont des Arts blends the best from the worlds of art (such as Zao Wou-Ki, Yue Minjun and Miquel Baeceló)
and wine (Paul Pontallier and other highly respected wine experts from France)

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When founders, Arthur de Villepin and Thibault Pontallier, met in Hong Kong in 2010, they shared a common goal: to promote abroad what France does best. Arthur was passionate about art and loved wine, while Thibault was passionate bout wine and loved art. This project combines their French roots and lifestyles with a variety of different cultures and talents.

Every bottle produced in adorned with carefully selected pieces of art, chosen in conjunction with the artist, to match the flavour profile of each wine.



Thibault Pontallier and his father, the legendary French winemaker Paul Pontallier, spent three years working alongside other wine experts from Bordeaux and Burgundy, tasting, blending and creating this limited collection of fine wines and spirits. They looked for the best terroir and the finest grapes, tasting wine from over 700 different parcels, to complete this unique project.

“Our goal is to express the personality of our wines’ origins together with our vision of what fine wines should deliver: balance, freshness, and substance (but not at the expense of subtlety) , and above all, pleasure of drinking!” Paul Pontallier, World-renowned French winemaker

Thibault Pontallier & Arthur de Villepin

Thibault Pontallier & Arthur de Villepin

As our cultural world becomes increasingly diversified and sophisticated, Pont des Arts presents innovate collaborations for anyone wishing to enter further into the realm of wine and art.
— François Curiel, president of Christie’s Asia.