Shaped by Dominique and Arthur de Villepin’s passion for art,
Villepin is a platform created by collectors for collectors.


Inspired by the friendships and collections they have established with artists over time, they want to share with intelligence and authenticity to their peers, and curate artworks that they could themselves collect.

Standing against the increasing commercialization of the art industry, where value is simply a number, we strive to create meaningful dialogue where the worth of an art piece encompasses more than just the price. By fostering true dialogue within the art community, we aim to help curate collections that endure.



Villepin is a new model for art curation, where we create connection between artists and their audience, bridging the gap between their cultures. We engage with collectors to educate them about the art we love, and we advise truthfully and honestly about what art to collect.

Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships between our artists and the collectors and institutions who desire to know more about them. This will lead to intelligent, thoughtful and valued collections. For artists, we are their trusted partners, placing their precious artworks in the hands of collectors who understand them and who will form lifelong relationships with them.

For collectors, we are their trusted advisors, bringing to their exclusive attention artists that we know they will appreciate. We will provide them with the education and insight that they need to form fruitful relationships with the artists they collect.