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Far too often in daily life, people take for granted what is in front of them and see things at face value.
Just as art enables people to approach a subject-matter from a different angle,
YellowKorner endeavours to inspire people to analyse and re-evaluate society at large.


YellowKorner was created in 2006 by Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, two French art lovers. Sharing their passion, Arthur de Villepin decided to partner with them in 2013 in order to develop the brand in Greater China.

One of the characteristic problems of our times is the simplification and trivialisation of art, which is often wrongly equated with banal, effortless and passive leisure. Arthur de Villepin firmly believes and advocates that true art is a profound philosophical topic to be explored. In the manner of the Confucian Erudites who preceded us dedicated their entire life to the pursuit of beauty and truth, the genuine appreciation of art calls for mindful inquisition and an active experience.



In order to accomplish this mission with maximum effect, YellowKorner has made art accessible to everyone. YellowKorner is a pioneer of affordable art, offering limited edition art photography. By democratising art, YellowKorner promotes talents from different trends and traditions. If exceptional art usually comes with a prohibitive price, YellowKorner is revolutionary.

Ever since it opened its first gallery in Paris, YellowKorner has gone from strength to strength, and currently counts more than 80 galleries in America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and now Asia. Combining a diversity of style with artistic quality, YellowKorner offers art photographs with a range of different sizes, finishing and framing options, as well as private consulting and corporate services.

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